Take a moment to review the diagrams on the page. The one on the right is particularly useful in determining the scope of your project.

    The three samples below are the three most common types of installations. Which variation best represents the one in your home: A, B, or C?

    A. Sash Only

    B. Trim Only

    C. Both Trim and Sash


    A. Double Hung

    B. Double Dbl Hung

    C. Fixed Picture

    D. Casement

    E. Casement Casement

    F. Picture Casement

    G. Glider

    H. Casement Pic Casement

    I. Glider Picture Glider

    J. Dbl Hung Picture Dbl Hung

    K. Bay Window

    L. Bow Window

    Divided Lights, Grilles and Grids

    A. Rectangular

    B. Prairie

    C. Cottage

    D. Rectangular
    2 Wide 2 High

    E. Rectangular
    2 Wide 1 High

    F. Equal Lite

    G. Snap Out Grids

    H. Screen Frames

    A. Single Size Opening (Trim Only)

    B. Double Size Opening (Trim Only)

    C. Triple Size Opening


    A. Sliding Door

    B. Additional Glass Panel(s)

    C. French Door

    D. Double French Door

    E. Door with Two Sidelights

    F. Door with One Sidelight

    G. Entry Door

    H. Double Entry Door